Where the dream home becomes a reality

Step by step to your dream property

Extensive preparations
Property search

When selecting the best property, we look for the best location available at a reasonable price. Infrastructure, too, is an important factor in our selection.

Extensive preparations
Architectural competition

Swietelsky Developments embraces only the best of ideas. So, we only choose and develop the most compelling designs. In so doing, we take into account a number of criteria: from amenability to furniture and the number of circulation areas to the inclusion of sufficient open areas in the plans.

Extensive preparations
Plans for submission

Before the vision becomes reality, Swietelsky Developments also actively involves local residents in the project planning. In addition, we draw up numerous expert reports on soil quality, tree stands or noise protection. Because we make your future quality of life our number-one priority.


Wiedner Hauptstraße 56, 1040 Wien
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Brennerstraße 8, 4040 Linz
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Robert-Stolz-Straße 22, 4020 Linz
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Kapfstraße 56, 6800 Feldkirch
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Gailweg 40, 9500 Villach
Ronald H.

"A fantastic experience from beginning to end! Swietelsky impressed with top customer support and professional handling. I can highly recommend their dependable team."

Apartments, total
Customer feedback
Buyer of a 3-room apartment
Andreas K.

'From initial contact to delivery of the apartment, I felt wholeheartedly supported. Quick and easy solutions were found for all my (special) preferences. I am super satisfied!'

Expert advice, from the initial interview to the day you move in

Sales documents
Reservation package
Special requests

Sales documents

All the documents relating to your dream property are clearly and concisely prepared to give you the best possible overview. For us, transparency is particularly important for your sake. The sales documents always include:

  • floor plans of the apartment, available as A2-size posters
  • accurate dimensions
  • furnishing suggestions
  • indication of cardinal points to give you a sense of direction and the apartment's location in the building and the premises

We also operate a fully furnished display room with a 3D model to give you a hands-on idea of your dream property. Your customer service advisor will be happy to provide accurate and detailed answers to any questions you may have.

Reservation package

Swietelsky Developments offers a reservation package that ensures absolute transparency and reliability right from the start. As soon as you have found an apartment that you consider suitable, we reserve it for you free of charge for an agreed period of time. 

Swietelsky Developments gives you this guarantee to allow you to take a decision in your own time. No one else can purchase your dream apartment during this reservation period. After all, it's one of the most important decisions in your life. 

The reservation package includes all the contractual documents needed for the purchase, including

  • contracts
  • agreements
  • notices of decisions
  • plans
  • payment terms
  • and lots more.

Once you have decided to buy the property, the fiduciary takes care of all further formalities. Swietelsky Developments works with reputable partners who provide these services.

Special requests

Nearly anything is possible when it comes to customizing your new apartment. Once the purchase contract has been signed, we schedule a special follow-up meeting to make sure you let us know of any structural changes that you would like to have done. Our job is to check whether your ideas are technically feasible and comply with the building code and draw up a customised quote. You can then decide whether to have them done.

Your benefit: we can tell you whether the changes are feasible even before you decide to buy.

Our management team for special preferences is just what you need to handle any changes from start to finish – from the collection of bids from partner companies to implementation of changes on the construction site.

Quality – from construction to warranty

The experience of the entire group informs every new real estate project. This invaluable experience is combined with a true spirit for innovation, resulting in top quality apartments. Customers benefit even before construction starts and continue to benefit even after they have moved in.

On the construction site

True to the motto 'We get down to the brass tacks of it', everything proceeds according to plan at the construction sites operated by Swietelsky Developments. All work stages are digitally documented and checked by on-site specialists, including the technical management, architects, structural engineers, building physicists and civil engineers. As a result, we provide a complete digital record of all the work performed – from initial excavation to handover.


Ready for occupancy in impeccable condition: Prior to handover, each apartment is inspected in minute detail. Should any defects be identified despite the multiple inspections that have been carried out, a digital report is drawn up to record these. The defect management team will then immediately proceed to resolve the issues and ensure that you can move into the apartment as soon as possible.


As soon as your dream of calling an apartment your own has become true, we devote lots of time to handover. Our standard procedure: for every handover, we arrange a separate appointment with the buyer. We tour the entire apartment complex with you, make sure we show you everything there is to see, including the common areas like bicycle storage room and the garage. Then the parking space in the garage and the storage room are handed over to you. The apartment itself is always handed over in the presence of an engineer whose job is to explain to you how to operate the alarm system, air-conditioning and similar. Moreover, you will be given a manual detailing all the amenities in your apartment. Welcome home!


Naturally, the service provided by Swietelsky Developments continues even after final handover of the apartment. As the new owner, you are welcome to contact our customer service office anytime even after you have moved in. Enquiries and claims are collected by our customer service office and automatically forwarded to the responsible staff member. This ensures quickest possible handling of all issues.