Hauptmann-Egelseer-Straße 5-9,

9220 Velden am Wörthersee

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Winter 2022
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In Velden am Wörthersee near the center and a pond called Bäckerteich, the construction of three charming, solitary villas is planned on a property plateau, which is partially framed with forest-like tree cover.

Significant for the quality of this housing offer are the exclusive south-west orientation and the large open spaces that offer living space expansion as a terrace, balcony or garden.

An optimal level of privacy and relation to nature is guaranteed here.

28 apartments in the sizes of approx. 43 - 109 m² living space are planned.

Please feel free and pre-register, we are about to start selling.

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Carinthia, 9220 Velden am Wörthersee, Hauptmann-Egelseer-Straße 9

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Living with and in nature 

•    28 residential units between 42 m2 and 107 m2
•    Sustainable construction and environmentally friendly pellet heating
•    exclusive equipment
•    Generous open and green areas
•    Walkable connection to Velden
•    39 underground parking spaces

Live naturally greener

Nature as a place of strength - in our residential project in Velden you can feel its soothing energy in its pure and unadulterated form. Because sensitively embedded in the untouched nature of Velden, the residential complex offers a very special connection to Carinthia's “green” soul.
The proximity to nature not only ensures a unique infrastructure, but also the highest quality of life. A private footpath directly from the property offers quick and easy access to the center of Velden.
The forest areas in the vicinity are both shade and relaxation area. There are numerous bodies of water in the immediate vicinity and provide refreshment on hot summer days in the Wörthersee or relaxation during a walk on the Bäckerteich.

Buyer pays purchase price into fiduciary account:

The buyer transfers the total purchase price to the fiduciary account 14 days after having signed the purchase contract.

Alternatively, the buyer can transfer 10% of the total purchase price including ancillary cost to the fiduciary account within 14 days and can deposit a bank guarantee issued by an Austrian bank with the fiduciary as security for the remaining 90% of the total purchase price.

Payout to the developer in accordance with the Austrian Developer Contract Act (BTVG) – instalment plan B:

When paying out the total purchase price to the developer strictly in accordance with the Austrian Developer Contract Act (BTVG), the fiduciary follows the procedure outlined below:

10% after start of construction
30% after completion of the carcass and the roof of the relevant building section
20% after completion of the rough installation of the relevant building section
12% after completion of the facade and the windows, including the glazing of the relevant section of the building
17% once the contractual apartment is ready for occupancy (or in the event of early handover of the contractual apartment)
9% after completion of the entire complex
2% prior to delivery of the contractual apartment (progressively, with the buyer providing security through a bank guarantee)

Fiduciary and party drawing up the contract: DORDA Rechtsanwälte GmbH

By buying the apartment directly through the developer, the buyer does not need to pay any broker commissions to the developer.

Ancillary costs payable by the buyer are:

•    3,5% real estate transfer tax
•    1,1% land register fee
•    1,5% costs for drawing up the contract, plus statutory VAT, cash expenses, court fees, etc.

Pure - elegant - worth living

The residential complex on Hauptmann-Egelseer-Straße is characterized by simple elegance. Three two-storey houses with an exclusive penthouse floor house a total of 28 residential units.

Each of these units has a south or west orientation and has generous terrace or balcony areas.
The system was designed to reduce traffic for maximum relaxation. The entrance to the underground car park is directly adjacent to the access road, which is used exclusively for delivery traffic to the houses.

You can walk all the ways in the complex - whether between the individual houses or on the path to the pond Bäckerteich.

size:  approx.. 6.283 m²
unobstructed area approx..4.863 m²
of which own gardens approx. 1.889 m²
children´s playground

3 buildings:
House A - Hauptmann-Egelseer-Straße 5
House B - Hauptmann-Egelseer-Straße 7
House C - Hauptmann-Egelseer-Straße 9

28 appartments
with private spaces (balconies, terraces or gardens)
distributed across three floors
42 – 107m² living space

39 car parking spaces and one motorcycle parking space in the underground car park
5 carport parking spaces
2 car parking spaces outdoors

Energy indicators: 
House A:
HWB Ref, SK: 38,1 kWh/m²a
fGEE: 0,82
House B:
HWB Ref, SK: 39,1 kWh/m²a
fGEE: 0,83
House C:
HWB Ref, SK: 37,6 kWh/m²a
fGEE: 0,82



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Armin Millonig, MSc
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