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Completion date
existing villa

Villa Bunzl,
Chimanistraße 18

1190 Wien
Apartments 1
Sizes 240m²
Completion date Bestandsvilla
Your contact person:
Ms. Martina Urich
T: +43 664 1524038
The Josef Frank Villa in Döbling, at Chimanistraße 18, is up for sale.
It was built in 1935 and is known among architects as "Haus Bunzl".
The vacant U-shaped building is in a first-rate residential area in the North of Vienna. The building has a total usable area of approx. 309 sq. m., consisting of a ground floor, a first floor and a 60 sq. m basement. It is accessible via the main entrance, a servant's entrance, the terrace, and the garage in the basement. The stairs that access the first floor are considered an architectural masterpiece. The 1,273-square-metre plot of land, in the back half of which the house is placed, is worth particular mention.

The Villa is under monument protection. The necessary rehabilitation measures required to adapt the villa to current-day standards have already been approved by the Austrian Federal Office of Monuments.
We will be happy to answer any detailed questions regarding possibilities of modification.
Zoning: residential use (R), construction class II (max. building height 10.5m), open architecture.

Josef Frank, was born in Austria in 1885 and ranks among the major architects of the Wiener Moderne. He is the key co-founder and main representative of a specific variant of the Wiener Moderne in architecture and design.
The building at hand can be seen as a textbook example of Frank's ideas and is the last single-family house he planned alone before going into exile. The succession of rooms guides the entrant to the centre of the house: the living room; and quite analogous to the Loosian design approach, various residential levels increase the utilitarian character. The house is open to the garden with large windows and balconies, without, however, cancelling out the snugness-bestowing border.
As an architect, he ranks - next to Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffman - among the protagonists of the "second Wiener Moderne", the after-effects of which are still unfolding around the world.

The building is located at the edge of the Cottage Quarter of Upper Döbling in which many Ambassador's residences are situated, placing it in an excellent residential area of Vienna. The real-estate property in question is in the immediate vicinity of Hugo Wolf Park and Türkenschanzpark, the private hospital Privatklinik Rudolfinerhaus, and the popular wine tavern areas in Grinzing and Neustift.
Shops that provide everyday necessities are located in the nearby Billrothstraße, Krottenbachstraße, Obkirchergasse and at the Sonnberg Market. Obkirchergasse is an idyllic tree-lined avenue-style shopping street with generous green spaces, accommodating the traditional Sonnberg Market. In this comparatively small area, you can get everything that your market-going heart desires.
The public transport connections are excellent and include the nearby rapid transit line (Schnellbahn) S45 (Krottenbachstraße), the bus lines 10A, 35A, 37A, and 40A, and the tram line 38. Thanks to Krottenbachstraße and Peter-Jordan Straße, accessibility by car is also more than ideal.

  • Plot size: approx. 1,273 sq. m.
  • Floor space: approx. 309 sq. m.
  • Thereof usable living area: approx. 240 sq. m.
  • Basement: approx. 65 sq. m.
  • HWB 356,35 kWh/m2a
  • Parking spaces: 1 garage space, 1 parking space
  • Purchase price: € 2,400,000.–
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