Raffelspergergasse 24,

1190 Vienna

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Autumn 2021
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Buy apartment ownership in one of the 4 modern city villas with 11-13 apartments each with a size of 68 m2 living space commission-free directly from the property developer.
Residential Haven by the Vienna Woods

Nature, light, fresh air and wide horizons: watchwords that play a very special role in the plans for the four urban villas. They are located in the heart of the lush residential neighbourhood at the edge of the Vienna Woods, but the convenient public transport network affords quick access to Vienna's city centre. The dwellings serve as hideaways and places of social encounter. The hillside location offers amazing views.

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Vienna, 1190 Vienna, Raffelspergergasse 24

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Living with and in nature

•    climate-resilient architecture
•    premium interiors
•    excellent infrastructure and local recreational amenities
•    amazing views
•    grilling area for balmy summer nights
•    unique penthouse apartments with lift, terrace and garden
roofs on a level with the apartment

On close terms with the City and the Vienna Woods

The management of the vegetation surrounding the urban villas can aptly be described with one word: mindful. Nearly 75 percent of the property’s land is unbuilt. Some 1,500 square meters have been set aside for the individual gardens, each of which acts as an extension to the living room. Besides, there are 32 newly planted trees. Not only the environment is green, but numerous details also take their cue from green design and construction.

The idyllic setting in Vienna's Döbling district – the two urban villas on Raffelspergergasse are situated in a quiet dead-end street – with the surrounding vineyards, Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark and the proximity to the Vienna Woods offers opportunities for lots of sporting activities and long, drawn-out walks. The grassland of Robinsonwiese with its playground invites families to visit and relax. Local shops for your daily needs, kindergartens, elementary schools, medical practices and pharmacies are available nearby. 

Excellent access to the A1-Westautobahn motorway via Höhenstraße or to the city centre via Krottenbachstraße. The 35A bus and 38 tramway take you quickly and conveniently to the centre of town. The 35A bus takes only 8 minutes to the city train station Krottenbachstraße and then continues on to the stations Nußdorfer Straße (U6 underground) and Spitellau (U4/U6 underground).

Buyer pays purchase price into fiduciary account:
The buyer transfers the total purchase price to the fiduciary account 14 days after having signed the purchase contract.
Alternatively, the buyer can transfer 10% of the total purchase price including ancillary cost to the fiduciary account within 14 days and can deposit a bank guarantee issued by an Austrian bank with the fiduciary as security for the remaining 90% of the total purchase price.

Payout to the developer in accordance with the Austrian Developer Contract Act (BTVG) – instalment plan B:
When paying out the total purchase price to the developer strictly in accordance with the Austrian Developer Contract Act (BTVG), the fiduciary follows the procedure outlined below:
10% after start of construction
30% after completion of the carcass and the roof of the relevant building section
20% after completion of the rough installation of the relevant building section
12% after completion of the facade and the windows, including the glazing of the relevant section of the building
17% once the contractual apartment is ready for occupancy (or in the event of early handover of the contractual apartment)
9% after completion of the entire complex
2% prior to delivery of the contractual apartment (progressively, with the buyer providing security through a bank guarantee)

Fiduciary and party drawing up the contract: Rechtsanwälte Grassner Lenz Thewanger & Partner

By buying the apartment directly through the developer, the buyer does not need to pay any broker commissions to the developer.
Ancillary costs payable by the buyer are:

•    3,5% real estate transfer tax
•    1,1% land register fee
•    1,5% costs for drawing up the contract, plus statutory VAT, cash expenses, court fees, etc.

Equipped for the challenges of the future
The Vienna Woods make for cool nights

Climate change leaves no one cold: our goal is to create a home for you that rises to these challenges. The sun has become a constant companion, and buildings need to be designed differently as a result. We, too, set out to tackle the issue. This is what came out:

•    maintenance of 3,500 sq. m. of green space
•    use of the Vienna Woods as a fresh air supply corridor
•    large glazed areas facing the North with an amazing view of Vienna
•    high-grade insulation of windows and outer walls
•    shading for all window areas and garden roofs
•    use of the sun to produce energy via solar panels
•    electric hook-up by the parking spaces in the garage
•    enough rooms to park bicycles
•    water-saving shower systems

The architecture is characterised by a modern form language. The 4 compact buildings incorporate the spirit of their surroundings and offer open views owing to their staggered arrangement. A differentiated colour scheme of earthy tones gives each building its own identity. Projections and recesses create private spaces with quality balconies and roof terraces. The skilful arrangement of the buildings on the sloping terrain allows many apartments to have their very own garden. Overall, the development will include 48 apartments distributed across five floors. Footpaths connecting the buildings with one another give all residents disability access to the common areas, including playground and grilling area.

size: approx. 4.729 m²    
unobstructed area:  approx. 3.500 m²        
of which own gardens: approx. 1.500 m²
32 trees will be planted
equipped barbecue area
children´s playground

4 buildings:
House 1 – Raffelspergergasse 24A
House 2 – Raffelspergergasse 24
House 3 – Krottenbachstrasse 227
House 4 – Krottenbachstrasse 225

48 apartments:
with private spaces (balconies, terraces, gardens and roof gardens)
distributed across five floors
47 – 112m² living space
4 penthouse apartments with lift, terrace and roof garden

57 car parking spaces and 1 motorcycle parking space in the underground car park
3 car parking spaces outdoors

Energy indicators    
House 1: 31 kWh/m²a
House 2, 3, 4:    32 kWh/m²a



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